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Chef's Kitchen


The colors of nature influenced this fresh kitchen. We mixed painted and stained cabinetry to design a custom, personal space. Green, white, and natural wood create a classic, warm combo. When you walk into the space, you instantly feel refreshed: it makes you want to stop and take a deep breath. The clients were on-the-go people and never really utilized their kitchen. They wanted to redesign the space to create an area in the house where they can take the time to slow down and connect over home-cooked meals, and we delivered. Needless to say, the clients were absolutely in love!

Designed by Tanya Smith-Shiflett | Photographer Stacy Zarin Goldberg

We offer a holistic approach to kitchen and bathroom design, with concepts that are timeless and functional and the custom cabinetry to bring them to life. We offer the highest-quality craftsmanship the industry has to offer and an absolute dedication to exceeding our clients’ highest expectations.

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