Working With UKB


At Unique Kitchens & Baths, our team is made up of highly skilled designers, project managers, architects, and craftsman. Your wish is our command.

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We like the call the first stage of our process, the “interview” process. This goes for both us and you the client. The basic information we need from our clients is the type of remodel that is taking place, what lifestyle do you live by, and what style do you feel you gravitate toward. Are you modern, traditional, or neither? Whatever you are, we want to help create a home that fits your personality, lifestyle, and budget. Once we gather all the information we need about you and the renovation, we need to go over measurements, budgets, and pricing. We will give you a rough estimate and make sure everyone is on the same page. Then the fun starts!

Unique Kitchens and Baths - NKBA Certified Designers

The Drawing Board

Next, we take all the ideas, materials, and information we have accumulated during the “interview” process and we put it into our 3D design program, 2020. This program allows clients to visualize their future kitchen or bathroom with the materials they have chosen. At this point, we communicate via email, phone, or follow up appointments. At this time period, we will also make trips out to the job site to do measurements of our own (even if we did them earlier) to make sure all the information we have is correct. Along with measuring, we take trips to the job site to ensure that everything is following the clients’ and our schedule. To receive your own hard copy of your design/layout, please see design fees below.


Unique Kitchens and Baths - NKBA Certified Designers

The Proposal

Once you have finalized your material choices and the design is everything you have every wanted and more, that is when we write up the final pricing. You are given a list of the all the materials you have chosen (cabinets, countertops, flooring, etc.) including the prices in a contract like format. You are asked to read over it to make sure it all matches up on your end. The important part of this process is that everyone is on the same page and no one is left in the dark. If you do not have a contractor, we offer sourcing contractors and installation.